James Wood, Disabled After Back Surgery

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. Seriously, I wouldn’t. You all probably hear that all the time. People just throwing that out there, but I mean it. It’s been a real blessing to me, not just the food, but the clothing and the shoes and everything,” said James Wood.

James Wood has been coming to the Community Caring Center for the past 12 years after he became disabled from complications after back surgery. Today was a good day as James was not wearing a leg brace for the first time in ten months.

James collects the Center’s metal recycling. With all of the donations the Center receives, James is a big help in removing the metal scraps and unusable metal parts that accumulate in the warehouse.

He began collecting metal recycling to give him something to do when his wife was at work, and other household members were gone. James will also collect broken electronics to tinker with and try to get them working.

James comes to the center once a month for food and visits the Free Shop a couple of times a month to see if there are items in the shop that can help out in his household.On the day of this interview, James directed a friend to come to the center to get help.

He said, “I tell everybody to come up here, I really do. When you are being blessed, you tell people. Just like the Word says ‘pass it on.’ When you are being blessed, and you know where you can reach that, that means a lot to me.”

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