Karen Norseworthy

Resale Operations Coordinator

Karen Norseworthy is a compassionate and dedicated individual whose journey has led her to become the Resale Operations Coordinator of The Porch, a resale shop supporting the Community Caring Center (CCC) in Azle, Texas. Originally joining as a volunteer, Karen’s passion for giving back to the community quickly drove her to embrace a more significant role.

As coordinator, Karen plays a pivotal role in The Porch’s operations. She diligently sorts through donations, curating the store’s inventory on-site and online through eBay. With the help of volunteers and staff, she ensures that each item is appropriately priced for sale.

Karen’s involvement in the local community revolves entirely around her commitment to The Porch and CCC. Putting in countless hours, she treats this endeavor as her life’s calling. Her journey started with an eBay business in Pennsylvania, and upon her return to Texas, she found herself deeply engaged in the mission of helping those in need.

Over the years, Karen’s leadership and innovative ideas have transformed The Porch. Sales soared from a humble $1,200 to an impressive $208,000. Her strategic approach, including eBay sales for higher-value items, has generated surplus funds that contribute to CCC’s food pantry and its ability to feed an increasing number of families.

Karen’s goals for the future include expanding the volunteer base and adding more staff to boost productivity. She firmly believes that with increased support, The Porch can double its impact, making even more significant contributions to CCC and the community at large.

The impact of The Porch on the Azle community cannot be overstated. As a vital fundraiser, it provides essential funding for CCC’s food pantry, which has recently tripled in demand. The shop’s success is a testament to Karen’s dedication and the generosity of volunteers who share her passion for helping those in need.

To those considering getting involved in The Porch or CCC, Karen’s message is simple—take the leap. She encourages everyone to find their niche within these organizations, emphasizing the fulfillment and goodness of giving back to the community.

Karen Norseworthy’s journey is a powerful example of how one person’s dedication can lead to transformative change. Through her work at The Porch and CCC, she continues to touch the lives of individuals and families in Azle, making a meaningful and lasting difference for those in need.

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