Volunteers Bring Life

The Center is run by volunteer power and volunteers are always needed. We are serving more and more people every month and the need for volunteers has grown. Please come by the Center and see how your talents fit our needs.

Open Positions

  • Food area (sorting donated items, stocking shelves, packaging food items for storage and for clients)
  • Clothing and household items area (sorting and stocking items)
  • Gift shop operations
  • Interviewing clients (assessing needs and recommending services)
  • Office help (data entry, correspondence)
  • Public relations (newsletter, promotional materials)
  • Grant writing
  • Building maintenance and landscaping
  • Drivers for pickup and delivery of supplies
  • Prayer partners (praying with clients, volunteers, and staff–coordinated through chaplaincy committee)
  • IT expertise

Monday: 9 AM- 11:30 AM

Tuesday: 9 AM- 11:30 AM

Wednesday: 9 AM- 11:30 AM

Thursday: 4 PM – 6:30 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 11:30 AM

Saturday & Sunday : CLOSED

Monday: 9 AM-11:30 AM

Tuesday: 9 AM-11:30 AM

Wednesday: 9 AM-11:30 AM

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: 9 AM-11:30 AM

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

Monday: 8:30 AM

Tuesday: 8:30 AM

Wednesday: 8:30 AM

Thursday: 8:30 AM

Friday: 8:30 AM

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED